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The FDR Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics:

Proud to announce the development of the LISA Leg!

Channel 5 News broadcast about the LISA Leg

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The LISA Leg is specially designed for the average to active above knee (transfemoral) amputee. It is the result of feedback from female amputees, who are hoping for a prosthesis that allows the use of low or high heels, is light weight, is invisible in appearance under clothing, and allows improved mobility.

Stuart Furusho CPO and Paul Harney CO, at FDR are currently fitting patients with the new prosthesis to rave reviews. The new FDR Socket Design allows the patient to comfortably bend forward and tie shoes, cross her legs, and maintain a comfortable fit.

This new socket design, called the FDR Socket, is the result of a generation of research and development. In the 1970's, Ivan Long developed the Narrow M-L Socket, which was later developed into the CAT/CAM socket by Chris Hoyt. In the 1980's John Sabolich developed his advancements of the socket, which included anatomical muscle contours and flexible materials. Most recently, in 1999, Marlo Ortiz developed the MAS socket design, with its lower trim lines and increased range of motion at the hip.

Lisa Leg 2At FDR, we have incorporated the flexible materials and included them in a low profile socket design. This resulted in the most comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and most versatile socket design yet. This socket became the foundation of the LISA Leg.

The LISA Leg is named for its unique qualities that answer patients' needs: L for Lightweight, I for Inconspicuous, S for Shapely, A for Active.

Those who qualify for a LISA Leg will receive the FDR Socket, a multiaxial, energy storing foot, which can be easily adjusted to match her heel height (flat to 2" heels!) and the Total Knee. The prosthesis will then be shaped in soft foam and covered with nylon hose or a rubber skin coating. This results in a prosthesis which looks pretty, offers improvement in hip motion, is light weight and fits more intimately. The prosthesis is capable of being worn for walking, running, and dancing.

Our goal is to provide a specific prosthesis to meet the needs of the individual patient. The LISA Leg allows us to restore much of every day life for the average to active woman. All of these innovations are covered by Medicare and major insurance plans. FDR Center is now offering free evaluations and information to amputees who would like to learn more.

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